Today's Online Users Realize That Data Security Is Their Own Responsibility

68% of US internet users say that the responsibility to protect their own personal data is theirs, according to new research released this week from Atlanta-based IDology.* In the same survey78% of US consumers have come to the conclusion that the companies storing consumer data simply aren't doing enough to protect their data

Taken together these two data points tell us that the overwhelming majority of today's online users have realized that data security is their own responsibility.

There are also some encouraging signs that many are taking their responsibility seriously by acting on it. Among users who were told that their data had been breached, 60% changed their passwords and about a third turned on two factor authentication.

We believe this data signals a big opportunity for employers who want to enlist their employees in keeping their company secure: By training employees how to keep data secure, employers are providing training that employees find valuable for themselves and for their families. 

The wonderful part is that security training is equally effective for both company and personal data--a true win-win.

Smart employers leverage their employees' interest in keeping their data safe

The challenge for most companies has always been that employees don't like security training. This isn't a surprise since employees consistently tell us that today's format for security training doesn't work for them. Long security training videos or once-per-year meetings don't seem relevant to online security. Instead they actually feel like a distraction from getting things done at work.

That's where Pikotime can help: Our training is baked into the flow of daily work, training employees at the point of attack and highly relevant moments. With Pikotime one to two sentence lessons appear in relevant situations in the browser, like when an employee enters a password on a login page.

In other words, Pikotime provides brief tips that employees find helpful--at just the right moment.

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*IDology's "Second Annual Consumer Identity Study" is an online survey of 1,499 responses from January 29 to February 11. Respondents are representative of the 225 million people who make up the US online population, adults 18 years old and older.