Who Are Your Riskiest Employees?

When we were starting Pikotime, we asked the Chief Information Security Officer of a well know tech startup in Boston the following question: If you could choose any security superpower, what would it be?

His answer was interesting: He said he would love to know which of his employees were most likely to make a mistake that would lead to a security breach. When we asked him why, he said he wanted to ensure all high risk employees in his organization had the strictest controls in place, and he wanted to monitor these high risk employees over time to measure the effectiveness of his security training program.

Pikotime is excited to announce that this superpower is now a reality: Pikotime's software analyzes the daily security behavior traits of each employee in the browser and inbox, compiling this data into a 0 to 100 Cybersecurity Score. This is the most comprehensive analytics tool available on the market today for cybersecurity training.

With Pikotime, every employee has a cybersecurity score based on their daily behavior in the inbox and browser.

The behavioral portrait Pikotime provides goes well beyond simply looking at how an employee responds to a phishing email. Our comprehensive approach analyzes a wide variety of behavioral metrics, such as an employee's password habits, to establish the broadest possible picture of an employee's security behavior and risk profile. 

Our customers love this data for a few reasons:

1. It's a great way to see how your employees improve their security behavior over time--you can see how effective Pikotime training is with easy-to-understand numbers that you can share with company executives, regulators and customers.

2. By identifying an organization's highest risk employees, Pikotime allows security leaders to use corporate policy and other tools to ensure those employees are locked down.

3. Pikotime's software helps employees understand their security strengths and weaknesses, an aspect of the training process that's been overlooked by every other security training program on the market today. It's helpful for an employee to know that she has good habits in one area like password hygiene, but room for improvement in another area like locking her computer when she's away from her desk.

Sound interesting? Drop us a line to give it a try: Info@Pikotime.com


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