Training At The Speed of Cybercrime

It's no secret that cybercriminals are constantly updating their attack techniques, technology and attack vectors. In fact, four new malware samples are created every second. 

So at Pikotime we decided to build a training platform that allows for lesson creation that keeps up with the speed of cybercrime. Pikotime's lessons are both highly effective* and easy to create.

For example, let's say that you want to make sure your employees understand the risks associated with cryptocurrency and using crypto mining software or crypto wallets. 

Let's review how to create a lesson targeting employees who are interested in cryptocurrency in two easy steps.

Step 1: Create a Lesson Title and Lesson Copy

Just log into your Pikotime dashboard, and click "Add Lesson" under the "Your Lessons" tab. Then you just need to create a lesson title and the copy for your lesson.

A Lesson title and some copy are all you need to create a lesson in Pikotime

Step 2: Create Triggers

Next we just need to add some domains to trigger the lesson to fire. In this case, we'll add the domains of the most trafficked cyrptocurrency websites.

Just add some domains to trigger the lesson to fire
That's it! Your lesson is now live, and any employee in your org who visits crypto sites will see it:

Here's your lesson in the wild!

On the backend, Pikotime records which users see each lesson, so you'll have a record of each employee who has seen this lesson, a great tool for sharing training progress with your boss, regulators or even customers. 

We think Pikotime is a great system for creating new training content to keep pace with the ever-evolving threat landscape, and we'd love to hear your feedback. Feel free to reach out to let us know what you think:

*After 90 days, Pikotime reduces instances of risky security behavior by an average of 61%.