Tips, Not Training Videos

Have you ever heard anyone say the following? "Wow, I just watched the most amazing training video at work today! You have to see it!"

Neither have we.

Training videos are a tough proposition for employers: Videos are expensive to produce; a video is impossible to change or update once it's published; and video is a difficult medium for engaging employees while they're at work in a 'getting things done' mindset.

That's why Pikotime has designed software that automatically finds security learning opportunities as employees go about their daily work, pushing one to two sentence tips in the browser at just the right moment.

Rather than asking employees to stop what they're doing to watch a long video, our personalized lessons are situationally aware and only require a few seconds of an employee's time: They're part of an employee's day at work, not a distraction from it. 

Pikotime's software appears when you need it

It's not just employees who prefer Pikotime's approach: Security leaders love how easy it is to create a custom lesson in Pikotime--all it takes is a sentence or two of copy. 

Plus our system tracks which employees have seen each lesson in Pikotime's reporting dashboard: Digital breadcrumbs to show regulators or customers that each employee has been trained. Even better, Pikotime's software is always analyzing employee security behavior in the browser and inbox to measure how secure employees are, allowing security leaders to actually see improvements in security behavior over time.

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