Three Reasons Security Leaders Choose Pikotime for Security Training

Today's cyber security attacks target people. No matter what device someone is using--or what kind of software is installed on it--cybercriminals know that the weakest link is the human using it.

That's why Pikotime created a security training solution that focuses on people: Pikotime identifies each employees' risky behaviors in the browser and inbox, then delivers personalized nano-lessons to those employees in context--when an employee does something risky on her computer at work or finds herself in a risky situation.

Here are the top reasons our customers choose Pikotime for their security training solution:

1. Results You Can Measure

Pikotime's software analyzes employee behavior in the browser and inbox to create a Cyber Security Score for each employee using a 0 - 100 scale, based on the riskiness of each employee's behavior as he's going about his daily work. 

Our easy-to-understand numerical scoring makes sharing this data with stakeholders, bosses, regulators and even partners straight-forward.

Best of all after 90 days of use, Pikotime's software reduces risky employee behavior by an average of 61%.^

2. Pikotime's Personalized Tips Save Employees Time 

Most corporate training videos go unwatched. Employees have told us in survey after survey that virtually all training videos at work feel like an interruption when you're trying to get things done.

That's why Pikotime created software that makes security training part of daily work, not a distraction from it. 

Our software pushes personalized lessons when an employee does something risky or finds themselves in a risky situation, and Pikotime's training works whether your employee is using corporate or personal services. As long as an employee is using his work machine--the machine you want to protect--Pikotime trains employees with just-in-time lessons how to stay secure.

Pikotime's tips work in the background to train employees no matter what service or software employees use.

3. Pikotime's Fully Automated Software Saves Security Leaders Time

Corporate security professionals often complain about the amount of time they waste chasing down employees and their managers to force them to undergo training. 

The LMS (Learning Management System) model is broken: A library of training content where employees self-train is an outdated training paradigm. 

Since Pikotime's tips find employees--and track which employees have seen them--security leaders spend less time chasing down employees and managers. Instead, they can just sit back and watch as employee security scores improve over time.

Getting Started with Pikotime

We'd love to hear your thoughts or feedback on Pikotime's training solution, and we'd be happy to show you how easy it is for your organization to start using our software. Drop us a line at to start a conversation.

^ Determined by rates of clicking on links within emails that simulate phishing emails.