Measure, Train, Repeat*

*With Pikotime this process is 100% automated, so you don't actually have to do anything.

We started Pikotime with two key goals: First, create a cyber security training experience that employees actually find helpful and enjoyable. Second, give security leaders better tools to drive and track safer employee behavior.

Today we're thrilled to invite you to try Pikotime's training software that brings both of these goals to life. 

When we were figuring out how to build a better employee training experience, we surveyed hundreds of employees about their experiences with training at work and it's clear employees dislike every species of corporate training videos. It doesn't matter what the video is about or even if the video is made by talented Hollywood writers and actors. Videos have a way of making training feel like an interruption to an employee's daily work, which is why it's so hard to make a training video seem relevant to employees.

So we decided to transform the cybersecurity training experience into a series of helpful one to two sentence tips that automatically appear at key "learning moments" while employees work. Instead of interrupting employees with long videos, Pikotime's software finds relevant security situations during day-to-day work to push short tips or lessons in the browser that only take a moment to internalize. 

Lessons that automatically find users at just the right moment

Employees see the entire lesson plan through these tips in the browser, with one appearing every few weeks so that security stays top of mind year-round.

On the other side of the equation, security leaders want to make sure their security training investment is paying off, so Pikotime analyzes daily employee behavior in the inbox and browser to compile a 0 - 100 Cyber Security Score for each employee

Pikotime offers the most comprehensive security 
behavior data available
Pikotime's scoring system breaks down employee security behavior into categories so that employees can understand areas of strength and areas where they need to improve. We think this makes the training process much easier to understand for employees, and Pikotime is the first company to bring this type of approach to market.

As Pikotime tips automatically find their way to users at just the right moment, security leaders can watch as employee scores improve over time and the organization becomes more security-centric. 

Soon we'll be adding a way for our customers to opt-in to an anonymous data-sharing program, so you can see how your employees' safety behavior compares to employees at similar organizations. 

We're excited about the software we've built, and we'd love to have you try it! Drop us a line if you're interested in learning more: