Today's Online Users Realize That Data Security Is Their Own Responsibility

68% of US internet users say that the responsibility to protect their own personal data is theirs, according to new research released this week from Atlanta-based IDology.* In the same survey, 78% of US consumers have come to the conclusion that the companies storing consumer data simply aren't doing enough to protect their data. 

Taken together these two data points tell us that the overwhelming majority of today's online users have realized that data security is their own responsibility.

There are also some encouraging signs that many are taking their responsibility seriously by acting on it. Among users who were told that their data had been breached, 60% changed their passwords and about a third turned on two factor authentication.

We believe this data signals a big opportunity for employers who want to enlist their employees in keeping their company secure: By training employees how to keep data secure, employers are providing training that employees find valuable for themse…

Three Reasons Security Leaders Choose Pikotime for Security Training

Today's cyber security attacks target people. No matter what device someone is using--or what kind of software is installed on it--cybercriminals know that the weakest link is the human using it.

That's why Pikotime created a security training solution that focuses on people: Pikotime identifies each employees' risky behaviors in the browser and inbox, then delivers personalized nano-lessons to those employees in context--when an employee does something risky on her computer at work or finds herself in a risky situation.

Here are the top reasons our customers choose Pikotime for their security training solution:

1. Results You Can Measure

Pikotime's software analyzes employee behavior in the browser and inbox to create a Cyber Security Score for each employee using a 0 - 100 scale, based on the riskiness of each employee's behavior as he's going about his daily work. 

Our easy-to-understand numerical scoring makes sharing this data with stakeholders, bosses, regulat…

Training At The Speed of Cybercrime

It's no secret that cybercriminals are constantly updating their attack techniques, technology and attack vectors. In fact, four new malware samples are created every second. 
So at Pikotime we decided to build a training platform that allows for lesson creation that keeps up with the speed of cybercrime. Pikotime's lessons are both highly effective* and easy to create.
For example, let's say that you want to make sure your employees understand the risks associated with cryptocurrency and using crypto mining software or crypto wallets. 
Let's review how to create a lesson targeting employees who are interested in cryptocurrency in two easy steps.
Step 1: Create a Lesson Title and Lesson Copy
Just log into your Pikotime dashboard, and click "Add Lesson" under the "Your Lessons" tab. Then you just need to create a lesson title and the copy for your lesson.

Step 2: Create Triggers
Next we just need to add some domains to trigger the lesson to fire. In this ca…

What Does a Phishing Attack Look Like?

Phishing attacks are one of the top tools cybercriminals use today. That's why 93% of successful cyber attacks involve either phishing or some form of social pre-texting.*

It's easy to take for granted just how simple it is to pretend to be someone else online, but that's the core of any good phishing campaign. Phishing messages typically disguise the sender's identity, allowing the sender to pose as someone the recipient will trust. Exploiting that trust to gain valuable data, like an employee's Slack login as we'll see below, is how phishing attacks work. 

For example, take a look at this phishing email that appears to be from Slack:

Notice anything...fishy about this email? There are two indications that this email is a phony, both are highlighted in this version:

First, if you look closely at the email address that sent the email--as opposed to the display name of the email address--you'll see that it's from, not And if you hover ov…

Measure, Train, Repeat*

*With Pikotime this process is 100% automated, so you don't actually have to do anything.

We started Pikotime with two key goals: First, create a cyber security training experience that employees actually find helpful and enjoyable. Second, give security leaders better tools to drive and track safer employee behavior.

Today we're thrilled to invite you to try Pikotime's training software that brings both of these goals to life. 

When we were figuring out how to build a better employee training experience, we surveyed hundreds of employees about their experiences with training at work and it's clear employees dislike every species of corporate training videos. It doesn't matter what the video is about or even if the video is made by talented Hollywood writers and actors. Videos have a way of making training feel like an interruption to an employee's daily work, which is why it's so hard to make a training video seem relevant to employees.

So we decided to transf…

Tips, Not Training Videos

Have you ever heard anyone say the following? "Wow, I just watched the most amazing training video at work today! You have to see it!"

Neither have we.
Training videos are a tough proposition for employers: Videos are expensive to produce; a video is impossible to change or update once it's published; and video is a difficult medium for engaging employees while they're at work in a 'getting things done' mindset.
That's why Pikotime has designed software that automatically finds security learning opportunities as employees go about their daily work, pushing one to two sentence tips in the browser at just the right moment.
Rather than asking employees to stop what they're doing to watch a long video, our personalized lessons are situationally aware and only require a few seconds of an employee's time: They're part of an employee's day at work, not a distraction from it. 

It's not just employees who prefer Pikotime's approach: Security lea…

Who Are Your Riskiest Employees?

When we were starting Pikotime, we asked the Chief Information Security Officer of a well know tech startup in Boston the following question: If you could choose any security superpower, what would it be?

His answer was interesting: He said he would love to know which of his employees were most likely to make a mistake that would lead to a security breach. When we asked him why, he said he wanted to ensure all high risk employees in his organization had the strictest controls in place, and he wanted to monitor these high risk employees over time to measure the effectiveness of his security training program.

Pikotime is excited to announce that this superpower is now a reality: Pikotime's software analyzes the daily security behavior traits of each employee in the browser and inbox, compiling this data into a 0 to 100 Cybersecurity Score. This is the most comprehensive analytics tool available on the market today for cybersecurity training.

The behavioral portrait Pikotime provides go…